Northwest Conversions wheel well water tanks are great for making the most of your van build space. Our water tanks are designed to fit over the wheel well, optimizing the space and having a lower center of gravity. The tanks are made from BPA Free Food Grade Plastic.

We offer a variety of models of different sizes and include ports that are located both in the front and the back of the tank. The 32 gallon wheel well water tank, and other water tank sizes, are designed to use the wasted space around the well. Our clever engineered tank fits the Sprinter 2500, Sprinter T1N and Transit single rear wheel vans. The water tank can also fit other vehicle makes and models.

We have manufactured the tanks with ports on both ends and the top to help meet your layout and plumbing needs.  There is additional ports on top for filling or for installing a sensor to monitor the level. Each tank is specified as follows:

  • (2) 1.5” NPT ports (needs to be drilled out) on either end.
  • (2) 1/2” NPT ports on either end.
  • (1) 1.5” NPT port (needs to be drilled out) on top or fill or level sensor.
  • Designed to fit Sprinter and Transit vans (fit other vans as well).
  • Can be placed either driver or passenger side (left or right wheel sides).


Meet Tyler, owner of Northwest Conversions, giving a presentation of a quick pre-installation of our water tanks of what needs to be done before installing into your travel van. Here are our 22 gallon water tanks that go around the wheel wells. The two water tanks will be going into a Sprinter 144″. The tanks will be connected in series to give a combined volume of 44 gallons of fresh water.

Orientation wise, there will be an emblem on top — NW Conversions — along with an 1.5 inch sensor location or fill port on the top. The ports are an inch and half and half inch. The half inch ports will be provided with plugs. Use a 3/8 inch T-handle Allen key tool to remove the plugs. Reinstall the plugs in unwanted ports along with using plumbers tape or similar to seal the threads.

The 1.5″ ports have a membrane that is water tight.  To remove this membrane use a 1 3/4″ hole saw that is just smaller than the threads to drill the 1.5″ ports out that are to be used. Make sure to clean all particles out of the tank before installing fittings. This is easiest to do with an air compressor or vacuum. Once again, use plumbers tape or pipe sealant on all fittings.

Your tank is ready to be installed.
Van-Build-Water-Tank-Installation port hole