28 Gallon Promaster Wheel Well Water Tank PM-C-28

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  • 28 Gallon Promaster Water Tank
  • Centered over the wheel well
  • 48” long, 14” deep, 20” tall
  • Designed to fit the Promaster Van
  • Tank is designed not to be pressurised (I.e.  Needs to be vented).
  • Tank will fit Sprinter and Transit vans also with more gap around the top of the wheel well.
  • Can be placed either driver or passenger side
  • Tank has (2) 1.5” NPT ports (need to be drilled out) and (2)1/2” NPT ports on either end.
  • Tank has (1) 1.5” NPT port (needs to be drilled out) on top or fill or level sensor.
  • Tanks are made from BPA Free Food Grade Plastic
  • ***Please allow up to 10 days for processing. ***
  • RETURNS are accepted up to 90 Days if the tank has not been installed or altered in any way.  The tank will need to be shipped back in the box purchased in and tracking information provided.  20% restocking fee.
  • Made in the USA

The 28 gallon wheel well water tank is designed to use the wasted space around the well. It is designed to fit the Promaster and will also fit other vans. The tank can also fit other vehicle makes and models. Tank measurements are 48” long x 20” tall x 14” deep.

Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 14 × 20 in

13 reviews for 28 Gallon Promaster Wheel Well Water Tank PM-C-28

  1. Ananda Leon (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly my promaster. I havent connected it yet but it looks well made and it saved me so much space! It was expensive part of the build but worth it.

  2. Andreas Montano (verified owner)

    This is a really well molded water tank. The walls are think with structural indentations to increase rigidity. I will still have side support in the build, but the quality and available outlets make this space saving water tank well worth it.

  3. Janae Fair (verified owner)

    Wonderful, a bit pricey but it definitely is a space saver.

  4. Andreas Montano (verified owner)

    This is a really well done water tank. Very solidly built and it’s perfect for the Promaster high wheel wells (136wb high roof). The shipping was well done and very fast.

    If I build another van I will certainly buy this again – I feel that this tank will last the life of the van.

  5. Tim (verified owner)

    I have not installed them yet however the quality is above what I expected.

  6. Todd Wharton (verified owner)

    This thing is a game changer for space great customer service !

  7. Zameer (verified owner)

    Well made. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it on my 159” Promaster because my water bench would have to be extremely long to accommodate this tank and a water heater. Maybe this tank is better suited for a 159” extended. In the meantime, I’m asking for a return and will be buying a shorter and narrower 30gallon cube – allowing me to keep my bench dimensions (60”).

  8. Eric (verified owner)

    Fits great over the wheel well. The space savings is what makes this totally worth it. I have not yet plumbed or used it but the multiple options for different ports will make setting the system up super easy. Very excited to use this.

  9. Peter C. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! We’d buy again.

  10. Caleb

    Extremely disappointed. These tanks have 1″ ports drilled out and simple plastic stoppers screwed in. Holes drilled at the bottom of a water tank is always a bad idea and the plastic stoppers included are terrible plugs. One of our plugs cracked trying to take it out so we could glue it and we had to drill entire plug out. All the plugs have to be removed and all the holes that the company drilled out we had to fill with marine sealant to try to stop the numerous leaks that occured.

    The plastic thread on the outlets were also not of the greatest quality either and took additional sealing to prevent leak from fittings.

    Overall, disappointed and would have used different products. The tank ended up leaking all over my van until I glued shut every port and is taking extensive work to correct.

    • TylerNW2020 (store manager)

      Sorry to hear of your experience with the tank. As shown on our website Pre installation video, the black plugs are only hand tight into the tank and will need to be removed and thread sealant applied for all threads. Threads on fittings will always need to be sealed by the installer. This is normal plumbing practices.
      Hopefully the thread sealant on the fitting fixed your problems and can enjoy the water tank in your van conversions.
      Thank you

  11. Eric Moberg (verified owner)

    Was a great addition for my son and I lasts 3-4 days showering every day and takes up minimal space.

  12. BENJAMIN (verified owner)

    I am overall very pleased with the product. Some constructive criticism: After building a cabinet to house the tank, I realized that it would be nice if the tank itself was slightly less than 4′ long so that it could fit inside something 4′ and have a little room for attachments since most building materials are in 4′ or 8′ lengths. I ended up making a cabinet that was 55″ long and it’s great but I had a lot of wasted materials.

  13. stevan clark (verified owner)

    Tank= Awesome. Waiting on my T-shirt

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